Key stage 1 covers Year 1 and 2 (our 5 to 7 year old children). Below you will find outlines of our curriculum term by term.

Autumn Term - "Looking Back"

This cross-curricular topic has a science/humanities focus that looks at the human senses, the main human body parts and their functions, and the similarities and differences that exist between human beings. They will explore how their lives, and the lives of their families have changed over time. The children will participate in a range of speaking and listening activities talking about their lives so far.

Spring Term - ""The World Around Us"

The final terms work will focus on the local area. The children will learn about living things in their own environment and how to identify them. They will develop their map skills and be able to compare and contrast their local areas with others in the country. They will learn how local people influenced the area.

Summer Term - "Africa"

This term, the children will learn all about the continent of Africa. They will read and understand a variety of African stories and how life in Africa differs from their own. They will research materials for buildings and make comparisons. They will explore the wonderful world of African art.

Autumn Term - "She Sells Sea-Shells"

The year's learning begins with a science/humanities focused topic about the sea, its geographical features, wild like and habitats and the history of the British sea-side holiday. Children's own experiences of the sea-side will be the starting point for the topic. Children will also explore a range of selected texts relating to the oceans and seas of the world.

Spring Term - "Famous Folk"

A cross-curricular topic with a science/history focus about the impact that certain people from history had on lives today. It will enable children to find out about famous figures who have helped to look after people in the past and how their work influenced the way in which we travel around the world. They will learn how communication techniques have changed the lives of people today.

Summer Term - "Totally Tropical"

This final topic of Year 2 widen's children's knowledge and understanding of the world by introducing them to locations and climates that are in contrast to their own. Through its science/geography focus children will investigate the weather and climate, animals and habitats and the people who live in the rainforests of the world.