Lower Key Stage 2 covers Year 3 and 4 (our 7 to 9 year old children). Below you will find outlines of our curriculum term by term.

Autumn Term - "Meet the Flintstones"

During the term, the children will begin to look at the actual historical changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This will include understanding about the first hunter-gatherers and farmers of the Stone Age, the technology and travel of the Bronze Age, through to the Iron Age tribal kingdoms and their hill forts. We shall investigate how our prehistoric ancestors lived and died some 5,000 years ago.

Spring Term - “Halesowen Heritage’

As part of being a heritage school, the children will focus on their local area and its history. They will pay particular focus to the nail making industry that was based on Blackberry Lane.

Summer Term - “Ancient Egyptians”

As part of our Egyptians topic, we will be thinking about how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived and putting them in the context of other ancient civilisations. The children will be immersed in the life of the Ancient Egyptians using texts such as Tales of Ancient Egypt and other information texts and books.

Autumn Term - “Roman Rule in Britain”

This term the children will identify where the Romans came from, before deciding why they invaded Britain and then chose to settle here. We shall then move on to examining what Roman life was like by using evidence to unveil details about Roman customs, different Emperors, homes, art, their gods and their love of entertainment such as gladiator fighting.

Spring Term - “Halesowen Heritage”

As part being a heritage school, the children will focus on the local area of Halesowen. They will go for heritage walks and notice how the area has changed over time using maps. They will pay particular focus to the button factory that was on the Stourbridge Road.

Summer Term - “Chinese Whispers“

Throughout the term, the children will learn about the exciting Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. They will discover key information about the formation of the Shang Dynasty and the kings who ruled it. The children will learn that this period of history was referred to as ‘The cradle of Chinese civilization.’