The St Margaret's at Hasbury website contains a wealth of information about our school and is updated regularly with new content. St Margaret's at Hasbury has an Internet presence by using web services (such as twitter and flickr) that allows everyone in our school community to follow us and receive the latest information from our school.

All of the content published via these web services can of course be accessed though the St Margaret's at Hasbury website.

Our school also has a relationship with a number of organisations who are represented on the Internet (such as the Dudley LEA and OFSTED), whose content will be of use to many in our school community.

There are lots of great educational websites for children, please see our pick of the best in Educational Resources.

Web Services Used by St Margaret's at Hasbury

The following websites provide some of the web services we use to communicate with our school community:

 Twitter: The school regularly "tweets" to keep the school community up-to-date with the very latest school information, you can follow us or view our latest tweets on our Home page.
 Blogger: Hosts our news articles, which provide more detail on a particular subject (such as a school trip) than twitter can provide, the latest articles can be found on our News page.
 Flickr: Contains many of the images used on our web site, such as Our Learning Environments, plus pictures from school trips.
 Sound Cloud: Is used to provide access to audio recordings of the school.
 You Tube: Is used to provide access to video recordings of the school.
 Google: Provides many services such as our School Calendar and search capabilities.

Organisations Associated with St Margaret's at Hasbury

The following websites represent some of the organisations St Margaret's at Hasbury has a relationship with:

 Dudley LEA: Official website of the Dudley Local Education Authority.
 Dudley School Meals/Catering: Details the meals provided in school, including a menu!
 Dudley Grid for Learning: provides Dudley schools with fully managed ICT.
 RM Education: Private sector partner for the Dudley Grid for Learning.
 Department for Education: The Government's Department for Education (formed in May 2010) is responsible for all education and children's services.
 OFSTED: The Office for Standards in Education Children’s Services and Skills, report directly to Parliament and are independent and impartial.
 SIAS: All Church of England dioceses use the National Society's framework for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools.