All computer hardware and software at St Margaret's at Hasbury is provided by the Dudley Grid for Learning (DGfL), which has provided Dudley schools with a fully managed ICT service since 1999.

The service provided encompasses network infrastructure, hardware, educational and curriculum software titles, schools management information systems (MIS), helpdesk, training, network and technical support. The Council's private sector partner is RM Education based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

RM Unify

RM Education provides a web based service called 'RM Unify', which brings together a number of educational online services, which can all be accessed via a single username and password. This system provides many benefits:

  • One user name and password per user to connect to your favourite online applications and services from the top educational providers
  • Simple to use home page allowing all users an effective way to access online content and services
  • Safe and secure library offering simple browsing of online, educationally focussed applications and services
  • Web-based so it works on any internet enabled device with a browser

The 'Log In' option in the menu bar (at the top of this page) allows St Margaret's at Hasbury children to access the RM Unify launch pad.
The video below provides further details on the RM Unify platform:

Our vision is a world where ICT is fully integrated with the way schools work, where every member of the school community has access to appropriate information when and where they need it, and tools that are exciting and engaging, whilst enabling them to be as effective as possible.

RM Education