All of the staff at St Margaret's at Hasbury share a clear vision of the school's Christian values and learning principles.

Introducing the Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher at St Margaret's at Hasbury.


Mrs S Shepherd - Safeguarding lead teacher, assessment lead teacher and PSHE lead teacher

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Morris - Maths lead teacher and collective worship lead teacher.
Introducing the teachers at St Margaret's at Hasbury.

Nursery/Foundation Stage

Mrs H Banister - RE lead teacher and geography lead teacher

Mrs L Tipper - NQT

Key Stage 1

Mr J Roberts - History lead teacher and computing lead teacher

Ms R Piper - SENCo

Mrs R Crichton - Speech and Language Base

Mrs K O’Grady - Speech and Language Base

Key Stage 2

Mrs R Highfield - English lead teacher, E-Safety lead teacher, IT technical support and member of the Extended Leadership Team

Mrs H Cook - PE lead teacher, out of hours learning lead teacher and member of the Extended Leadership Team

Mr P Harrison - Science lead teacher (works across both key stages)

Miss E Stamp - Music lead teacher

Mrs S Layton - Art and DT Lead teacher

Introducing the learning support assistants at St Margaret's at Hasbury.

Foundation Stage

Mrs S Cooper - HLTA
Ms H Saleh

Key Stage 1

Miss A Haddleton
Miss L Millsom
Mrs C Denton
Mrs C Jackson
Mrs C Preece
Mrs M Stokes
Mrs T Berry - SLB

Key Stage 2

Mrs L Poulton
Mrs C Preece
Mrs S Horton
Mrs G Noor
Miss A Homer
Mrs S Marsh

Introducing the office staff and housekeepers at St Margaret's at Hasbury.

Office Staff

Mrs V Dear
Mrs M James


Mr K Ashmore - Caretaker