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Christian Ethos

In my time as Vicar of St Margarets I have had many conversations with people of all ages who were pupils at St Margaret's at Hasbury School.

Almost without exception they have spoken with fondness of their time at church and school, a link which goes right back to the building of the school by daughters of the then rector of Halesowen Parish Church. That link continues to be strong and I have had many other conversations with parents who have chosen St Margaret's at Hasbury specifically because it is a church school or who have come to value – or who have expressed how their children value – that continuing link.

That link is strong in many ways. The school comes into church for services every term – at Christmas, Easter and the Leavers' Service. The clergy are involved in other services that take place in the school. As vicar I regularly take acts of worship in the school and from time to time help in RE lessons, sometimes in class but often as not with the children coming over to the church.

Some school pupils sing in the church choir or attend the Sunday School and some parents are members of the congregation. And of course the church is represented on the governors by three "foundation governors" who also take an active interest in the daily life of the school, as do some of the retired foundation governors.

The school's Christian ethos – not an exclusive one, but one that welcomes people of all faiths and none – I hope informs its approach to children's education: ensuring that every child has the best chance to develop spiritually and emotionally as well as academically and physically. - Father Rob Hall (Vicar of St Margarets)

St Margaret's at Hasbury has a very strong sense of being a community in which all, children and adults alike, help one another and value one another. In the words of a song written to welcome new pupils, "To our new friends, we'd like to say, hello; to our new friends, we'd like you all to know that St Margaret's at Hasbury is a very special school, and caring is our rule". I have found those words to be amply justified.


Children and staff take part in daily acts of collective worship, either as a whole school, separate departments, or as class groups. We are a Church of England School and the majority of our assemblies reflect a Christian theme, although other viewpoints and beliefs are recognised and valued.

Parents have a right, in accordance with the D.f.E.E. circular 3/89, to withdraw their child from Religious Education lessons and acts of worship on account of their differing beliefs. However, we believe our ethos of inclusion and respect for all members of our school community enables children and parents/ carers to feel our acts of worship are an integral and important part of what makes a church school both distinctive and special. If you have any queries about this area of our school life please come and talk with the Head teacher or Father Rob.


This is our school
May all here live happily together
May our school be full of joy
May love dwell here among us every day
Love of one another
Love of people everywhere
Love of life itself
And love of God
Let us remember that as many hands build a house
So everyone can make our school a lovely place




Dear God our father
We thank you for all your care for us
And for our food and drink
Help us always to be thankful to you
For all your great goodness