Christian Ethos


We believe in educating the whole child. We cherish everyone and encourage everyone to treat each other as a unique individual. We want the children of St Margaret’s to be caring and respectful towards one another; learn to be confident and courageous in the face of challenges; be the best they can be and believe that:

                                "Living Life in all its fullness'


Children and staff take part in daily acts of collective worship, either as a whole school, separate departments, or as class groups. We are a Church of England School and the majority of our assemblies reflect a Christian theme, although other viewpoints and beliefs are recognised and valued.

Parents have a right, in accordance with the D.f.E.E. circular 3/89, to withdraw their child from Religious Education lessons and acts of worship on account of their differing beliefs. However, we believe our ethos of inclusion and respect for all members of our school community enables children and parents/ carers to feel our acts of worship are an integral and important part of what makes a church school both distinctive and special. If you have any queries about this area of our school life please come and talk with the Head teacher or Father Rob.


Dear God, whom we trust


             Thank you that we come to St Margaret’s school

             Thank you for the fun and friendships we have there

             Give us the strength to be honest and kind in all we do

             Help us to show forgiveness when people make mistakes

             Encourage us to persevere when things are tricky and to enjoy every moment

             Thank you for the kind, caring people who work with us

             May we remember those who are less fortunate than us


                     Bless our school




Dear God our father
We thank you for all your care for us
And for our food and drink
Help us always to be thankful to you
For all your great goodness




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