Friends of St Margaret's at Hasbury

'Friends of St Margaret's at Hasbury' is a democratically elected group of parents and friends working with representatives of the teaching staff. Their objective is to advance the education of the pupils at St Margaret's at Hasbury School, by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education in addition to those provided by the LA.

The association aims to develop extended relationships between staff, parents and other people associated with the school, and to enhance the community spirit of St Margaret's at Hasbury.

An informal meeting is held approximately each half term to discuss fund-raising projects. Regular events are arranged throughout the school year and include a variety of activities for children and families. 

An Annual General Meeting is held at the beginning of the school year and is open to all parents. At this meeting new committee members and officers of the association are elected. New members are welcome at any time. Membership of the association is for a term of three years. The financial accounts are detailed at the meeting and are open to discussion.


If you are interested in joining just pop into the office and speak to Mrs Dear in the school office or call on 01384 818660.