At St Margaret's at Hasbury we appreciate that children become ill and that they can have accidents. The safety of our children is paramount to us and therefore the following information has been put into place to safeguard all our school community.

Illness and Accidents

If your child is ill or there is a problem and they cannot attend school, please telephone the school office (01384 818660) on the first day of absence to let the staff know.

If your child is taken ill or has an accident in school, you, or a named contact, will be notified as soon as possible. Parents are asked to keep the school informed of emergency numbers at all times. If an accident occurs and we are unable to contact you, we will take your child to hospital if necessary.

Parents are asked to contact school if their child has a medical problem which requires him/her to have different treatment from other pupils, or which may lead to problems during the school day.

Medicines in School

There are strict procedures laid down by the LEA which the school must follow. Parents should contact the school office regarding the administration of any medicines to children. A form must be filled in by parents and signed by the Head teacher before the school will administer measured doses of medicines. All medicines are kept in the school office.

Under no circumstances must children come with medicines to school to self-administer.
These will be taken away from children and parents/carers will be contacted to come and remove unauthorised medicines from the school. The safety of all our children is paramount and we will only accept medicines in school where the procedures above have been followed.