St Margaret’s at Hasbury has a global partnership link with Gairo A, a school in Tanzania.

The global partnership scheme is supported by the developing links between the Diocese of Worcester and Diocese of Morogoro and also funding through the British Councils ‘Global Schools’ project. The Diocese of Worcester has had a partnership link with the Anglican Diocese of Morogoro since September 2010.

The aim of the partnership is to help our pupils become responsible global citizens of the future, and for staff to work together for the benefit of children in both schools, growing together in a shared faith in God.

The diocese also has links with a hospital and an orphanage in Berega, a village about an hour’s drive from the school, and is home base for us during our visits.

Below you can find all the latest news on our global partnership with Gairo A, and details of the visits between the two schools.

Why Do We Have A Global Partnership?

Twinning with another school in another country has many advantages. These include the many opportunities for children and adults in both communities to explore the many similarities and the differences between the two cultures. It gives opportunities for collaborative projects between the schools and also it provides a professional partnership for staff development. The partnership is NOT based around charity. It is an equal partnership based around education.

Gairo A Outside

Some Facts About Morogoro

Morogoro is a city with an urban population of 206,868 (2002 census) in the southern highlands of Tanzania, 190 km west of Dar es Salaam. It is the capital of the Morogoro Region. Morogoro experiences climates of moderate temperatures and rainfall. The average annual temperatures vary between 18C to 30C in lowlands. The Region experiences moderate temperature of around 25C almost throughout the year. The warm season normally runs from July to September. This is definitely different to our climate here in Halesowen!

Gairo A Inside

Visits Between Our Schools

The first visit was in August 2011, when Mrs Griffiths and Miss Andrews visited Gairo A, a primary school of over 900 pupils, aged from 4- 14. The school is situated in a rural area surrounded by trees and mountains!

In November that year Madam Bugwema, a teacher from Gairo A, came to visit us here at Hasbury. By this time our partnership was already teaching the British and Tanzanian staff about the many differences between our schools, education systems and also about lifestyles in general.

In July 2013, Mrs Griffiths returned to Gairo A, this time taking Mrs Morris with her. This trip really firmed up our partnership. We began an art project with the children, based on the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child. This work is being mirrored here at Hasbury; eventually each school will display a piece of art work, worked on by pupils from each school. The art work will remind us of our friendship and our responsibilities as global citizens.
We visited the orphanage and hospital, which are badly in need of supplies, and this is why in July 2013 we held a sleepover to pay for basic items like hospital mattresses and covers. We are thrilled that thanks to wonderful support from Hasbury families and staff, we raised over £1000. A local charity, Two Little Feet, has also provided money to help our friends in Tanzania.

The links with school, hospital and orphanage provide our pupils with many benefits. We are delighted that there are plans for a second Tanzanian teacher to visit us next term. We hope that the partnership will go from strength to strength, enabling staff and pupils in schools that are 5000 miles apart, to learn more about, and from, each other.