Spirituality at Our School

At St Margarets at Hasbury Church of England school we believe children live up to their potential if they are happy, have fun, feel nurtured and grow from a foundation of strong Christian Values.

We value spirituality and the holistic development of the child. Our role of educators is to guide the children in our care along the path of life. As children grow in their understanding of spirituality and values they become secure enough to make mistakes and therefore move on with their spiritual learning and academic growth. We are a highly inclusive school and welcome all faiths, cultures and children from any background.


Spirituality for our church school community is finding a sense of peace, harmony and understanding within ourselves, others and the wider world. On our spirituality journey, we seek to experience a sense of awe and wonder of creation that will give us tranquility, hope and love in our daily life.

Spirituality is a powerful force that determines what we are, and our self-understanding. It forms the basis for successful relationships, and shape our behaviour and beliefs on life, others and the world.

Spirituality is the act of being fully human through discovering and revealing ourselves through love  (Andrew Rickett). It is about being rather than doing and it is a life- long discovery (Clive Beck), which will enable our children to flourish.